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Columbia Lions Club Collection System

Magnos Software helped us move away from everything on paper and streamlined our process. Every year more families sign-up and this application is exactly what we needed to fulfill the demand!

Becky Kramer, Organizer

Columbia Lions Club organizes food & toy donations for 600+ families in the York and Lancaster County Area (PA). They needed an application to effectively manage those families and avoid duplicate (double-dipping) families by using Soundex to account for similar sounding names and misspellings. Once families are registered for "Collections", they can give the application the number of delivery vehicles they have, and the application returns clusters of addresses by proximity so deliveries take as little time as possible.

Susquehanna Fire and Rescue Company No. 4

Susquehanna Fire is a non-profit organization that had a website they managed through a web development tool - which is not very user friendly for the non-technical. Their site was transformed using the existing template into a Content Management System - which now lets them add any number of rich pages with a simple online interface.

Magnos delivered the application we needed, and quickly!

Douglas Kemmerly, Fire Chief

I've never been more pleased!

Adam Oldham

TimeTally is a time tracking website focused on making sure you're spending your time where it matters. TimeTally lets you visualize your time in calendars, charts, & summaries.

Richard & Associates

Richard & Associates requested a front-end website for their clients as well as an employee portal for managing all of their repossessions. The employee portal was developed to work offline so agents in the field using their tablets could continue to take pictures of repossessed items and upload them without internet connectivity. The portal is entirely responsive, dynamically restructuring the website to fit on any device.

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