Open Source Projects

Magnos actively develops and releases libraries for other developers to use. These libraries are well documented and fully supported.


TrieHard is a library with a robust Trie Java implementation. TrieHard can handle millions of inserts and requests per second. It supports partial, exact, and "starts with" matching.


Dependz is a dependency analysis utility written in Java which uses topological sorting to order values based on their dependencies. This can be used in build systems, and system which needs to load things in a specific order which unknown at runtime.


Ents is a hybrid of the Entity-Component-System and Model-View-Controller patterns with new concepts developed specifically for games. Ents is easy to integrate into your game, is developed to be decoupled from a graphics library, and is very memory conscious compared to similar frameworks.


Buffero is a Java library used for efficiently and safely working with java.nio.ByteBuffers.


Gamesol is a generic game solving library in Java. You define the state of a game, possible moves, and gamesol will find the first solution, all solutions, the path to those solutions, anything you want! Gamesol comes with a few game solvers: Sudoku, Mazes, Tetravex, N-Puzzle, and Peg Solitaire.


Azzet is an asset loading library in Java. Load assets from any source (classpath, file system, web, database, etc) in many formats (XML, JSON, audio, images, etc) either directly or in a background process.


TheProf is a simple Java profiler that outputs the performance of your application into CSV files.


Reflector is a specialized Java library for serializing primitives, simple objects, and method calls into a compressed format to and from a ByteBuffer.